Custom Packaging

Custom Packaging specifically protects your valuable products.  IPC designs, tests, manufactures, performs added value services, and manages the packaging logistics and distribution of Custom Protective Packaging. IPC is geared to accommodate large or small volume production with a variety of daily changing requirements for each customer.

For a wide variety of industries we provide:

  • Custom protective inserts:

    •  ​Single-packs

    •  Multi-packs

  • Custom and stock corrugated

    • Multi-colored graphic print layouts

    • Retail and lithographics

    • Shipping boxes

    • Specialty multi-media die-cuts and inserts

  • Chipboard, SBS, Fiberboard

  • Shock and vibration damping foams

  • Molded plastics

  • Thermo-formed plastics

  • Thermal insulating foams (VIP’s)

  • Technical services

  • Design, drawings, testing

  • Manufacture and assembly

  • Clean room prep

  • Barrier protection 

  • Rigging services

  • International material certification

  • Distribution services

Contact us for custom designed packaging to fit your requirements.